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This is THE most difficult and THE most important aspect of web design....yes that's right...web design ! No it is not just something that begins when you have finished the site...for an optimum chance to succeed....this must be thought about at the very beginning.

Yes there are good tools out there to help you promote your website if you intend doing it yourself, be prepared to do a lot of work, and spend a lot of time learning...We know, we have spent that time , and I assure you it is a constantly changing marketplace, but if you have the will and the time you can succeed......we do.

Be prepared to give it 3 months to a year to see the results of your hard work, as that is how long it will take, minimum, and unless you are willing to spend big bucks advertising externally you will have to spend your evenings at the computer, as we do.

I will keep the tips below brief (it wouldn't do to tell you all our secrets or we would be out of a job !) but heed them and you stand a much better chance. I promise !

  • CONTENT - Make it good, interesting, and most of all - descriptive of what you do and what you offer.

  • STYLE - Avoid loud difficult to focus on colours, dark text with dark backgrounds and frames (unless you REALLY know what you are doing with them.

  • META TAG your pages accurately - Do not put on a load of rubbish that you think others will want to look at, like sex and porno if your site is about woodworking.

  • LINKS - Find like minded sites and exchange links with them, no it won't hurt you and no you are not giving business away - We offer web hosting, design, promotion and consulting services, we link to everyone else in the business in Cyprus (we think) and you are here reading this, we have nothing to fear because we KNOW that we offer the best you can buy.

  • NAMES - Call your site something appropriate, if you are going to have a virtual domain USE IT!  If your company is called ACDC and you produce widget in Asia that are cheaper than any others, don't be a fool - pride comes before a fall, and ACDC.com will get you the wrong traffic......perfect for you would be cheap-widgets.com. Have ACDC.com by all means for your headed paper, and send your contacts and existing customers in through that door, but attract your new ones with cheap-widgets.com.  promotion  

  • SUBMISSION - Search engines and directories may find you eventually, especially if others have linked to you, however.....you need to submit your site to them, and probably more than once. Beware of programs offering you submission to 500 or 15,000 search engines, all you will get is loads of Spam in your inbox and a bill. There are many sites that put a page on that is called a search engine, but really is a page for 50 or 200 links that scroll off the bottom after a couple of days....... a waste of time.
    Concentrate your efforts on the important engines.....the top 20 and your local or user specific ones.


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