Web site development:


To develop your web presentation and achieve an effective result for your particular requirements you need a focused approach

The obvious choice in that case is Jade Premier.com. Our sites are developed professionally and we can offer you all the innovations and techniques of modern web design, development and implementation.

We separate our work into phases so that you may make choices at whatever level you need to. 

Prices are connected with the size - how you want to advertise  online and what you want to include in your online presentation. In other words  we only charge you for what we do.


Incorporating that we have sites for:

  • small businesses oriented companies ( portfolio of the company, contact)

  • medium business oriented companies (to include: portfolio of the company, rich photo presentation, offer and sell your products online, contact)

  • full business online with databases , daily updates, monitoring services, promotion etc... 

Our phases connected with web development:

  • complete web presentation

  • templates which you can fill in with the information you want 

  • navigation bar solution with self development

  • web design solution with self development

  • web animations (gif and FLASH)

  • banners

  • re-design

  • maintenance and updating

Our prices are competitive. Suck us and see.



For further information please contact us by e-mail: info@jadepremier.com










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